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As I teenager I felt the need to choose between pursuing music or visual art. I chose music, as a fretless bassist. I played primarily jazz, reggae and funk. I lost the taste for the musician's lifestyle after a few years, however. Not keen on working in bars 5 or more nights a week, I began to rethink my earlier choice. In the mid 90's I began making jewelry on my own, and took night classes and workshops in the upstate NY area. When good enough, I began working for some local area goldsmiths.  The color palette and patterning options of mokume intrigued me, and it became my specialty. 

in 2005, i moved to Toronto Canada and started doing my own work full time. 

However, also in the 90's, I began a 20+ year long love affair with Balinese gamelan music, and in the past several years have been studying Korean traditional music as well. Once a musician, always a musician. I find that my outlook as a bassist has informed my metal work with a "less is more" approach, confident in the quiet boldness of simplicity. I draw personal inspiration from Jazz giants Ron Carter, Thelonious Monk and Betty Carter (to name a few) and from the compositions of the great Korean gayageum player, Hwang Byung Ki.

I've learned from music how to work with metal: be deliberate in your spontaneity.

The music on the site are three of my own compositions:

Cat and Butterfly, Watching Rain on the Window, and Watching Sailboats.

More of my music is available at the soundcloud link below.

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