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Choosing my ring


First off, let's get our colors straight. Silver is the only truly white metal used in mokume. "White" gold, platinum and palladium are all grey next to silver.

!4k white and silver

18k yellow and silver

18k yellow 14k white  14k pink and silver

Yellow, pink, grey and white. I can build you a ring with any of those colors, in any ratios. I recommend silver between each layer for better contrast, but I can do all gold (and all 18k) rings as well. 

Incidentally, I use a palladium white gold alloy as opposed to a nickel white gold. Those of you who react to nickel won't have a problem with my rings. 

I can also substitute pure palladium or platinum for white gold; they are a slightly darker more neutral grey.


Star pattern

Altered star

Wood grain


Any of the patterning options (and any others you find on my site) are compatible with any metal color combinations.

Other options

My standard wedding band is 6mm wide, with a slight doming (less than 1/2 round).

You may also choose a wider or narrower band, as well as a flat or more domed band.

A satin finish is required to see the patterning of mokume. A high polish would be too reflective. 

I always add a comfort fit beveling on the inside of the rings, unless otherwise specified. 

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